Terms and Conditions

Your breakfast is delivered in a wooden box, with glass containers, coolbags, freezer blocks and a beeswax wrap. These are collected after your breakfast is delivered. We do this to minimize packaging waste: we're trying to think differently about recycling and waste. We would like it back because it's all quite expensive. We really appreciate your co-operation in getting it back during one of the times you've selected.

So the legal stuff: The wooden box and all packaging remains property of the Epic Breakfast Company. They are leased to you, the customer, free of charge. You agree to return these items to the Epic Breakfast Company within 72 hours of your delivery. If you miss the weekend return collections, you agree to return the items to 40 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP.

As we get bigger we might need more details here, but for now we hope we don't need to go further than that.