About Us

Hi. I'm Ollie. When I was a restaurant manager, one day I realised I'd gone about 9 months having had a cooked breakfast, made at home, every single day. That was when I realised I really liked breakfast.

About 2 years ago, when I was a teacher, I woke up one Saturday morning. I was annoyed: I hadn't made the trip earlier in the week to Better Foods, the closest place to me that sold decent quality meat. I also didn't fancy going out. What if I could just open the door to someone bringing me all the things I needed for a nice breakfast? This feeling became regular, week after week. And so the Epic Breakfast Company as an idea was born.

I believe that a high protein meal with high quality ingredients is fundamental to unlocking the potential of your day. That's also why 50p of every box goes towards supporting a breakfast club at your local school. Teachers can do their best in the classroom, but ultimately if there's no protein to create new synapses, it's literally in one ear and out the other.

When you get your breakfast box, I hope you'll see how we've thought really carefully about every single detail, to make your morning experience the best possible. We also recognise that we're still improving. We love your feedback, so that we can help improve even further. Please get in touch with your thoughts and experiences, either directly or through social media. You can contact me at ollie@epicbreakfast.co.uk or call our office on (0117) 44 00 44 0.

Development Plan

  • Prosecco, Bloody Mary, chocolates, flowers as add-on options
  • Weekly recipe specials in addition to the Full English options
  • Fully Gluten-free alternatives
  • Tea
  • Mixed boxes (e.g. vegan/meat mixed)
  • Children's options (although right now the feedback is that our portion sizes are pretty big - so you can probably feed a small one from a standard box).